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Our History

Squash and Racquetball Foundation SA was established in 2017 when a group of like-minded squash enthusiasts came together with the aim of supporting the growth and long-term future of squash and racquetball in South Australia from grassroots participation to elite level competition. 

The Foundation is a not for profit association that is firmly based in the South Australian community and depends on the support of individuals, businesses and organisations to carry out its vital work.

Squash and racquetball are powerful and challenging contests of agility, strategy, talent, and mental and physical strength that grasps the attention of spectators, keeping them transfixed on the next shot.

Both squash and racquetball are easy to learn, played at any age and at all skill levels and abilities and provide the opportunity for a life-long involvement in the sport, either as an enjoyable recreational activity or a competitive sport, irrespective of weather conditions.  Throughout South Australia there are many opportunities to play squash or racquetball, ranging from club competitions to friendly social matches.

Today worldwide, there are more than 185 squash playing nations, involving nearly 25 million players, participating on over 50,000 squash courts and throughout history many Australian players have been world champions and held a world number one ranking.  Leading the world with eleven gold medals, Australia is the most successful squash nation in Commonwealth Games history. Despite this, participation and infrastructure has plateaued in South Australia and for aspiring players, coaches and referees from grassroots to elite level, access, courts, competition and funding are hard to secure.

Our Goals

The Foundation has four main goals:

  • To encourage and support all competitive players, coaches and referees of all ages and abilities to continue to participate.
  • To help raise funds with the support of local businesses and individuals to upgrade and/or build new facilities as well as ensuring players have access to the equipment they need.
  • Supporting the development of emerging players and encouraging juniors to take up the sports so future generations also have the privilege of enjoying a lifetime of recreational or competitive participation.
  • To develop stronger and more robust state competitions with greater opportunities for local and national championships.

Working in partnership and with the generosity and support of local businesses and individuals we hope to secure the funds necessary to achieve our goals and ensure the future of squash and racquetball in South Australia. The Foundation provides a simple yet incredibly powerful way for all past and present players and supporters of squash and racquetball in South Australia to make a valuable contribution through donations, scholarships, sponsorship and bequests thereby future proofing the viability as both recreational and professional sports in our state.

Our Board

Jason MudgeGrant Norman
Des PanizzaVicki Cardwell
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